Brownell Fury

Fury is very similar to BCY ‘X’ but it faster (3-6fps depending on colour) and a fraction quieter, and almost as stable as BCY ‘X’, and produces and very round and very glossy finished string, I use it on my 80+lb bows and this material is my choice as it has performed flawlessly, but BCY 'X' can have a slightly better ware rate (fuzzing).


( 100% UHMWPE )




'X" material is blend on 452X and 8190 and has all the great qualities on 8190 but more stable, it produces a quite round and smooth finish, like 8190 but allot more stable by far, and has a low fuzz rate, a little better than Fury in most cases.

It is the most popular material that is why I don’t carry 452X or Trophy or 8190, 8125G 0r Rhino anymore, and I have a large amount of colours the chose from..

Also can be use in the 18-20 strands for modern Recurve's with reinforced tips for higher speed and stability.


( 83% SK90 Dyneema - 17% Vectran - Patented Construction )


BCY-X has just been discontinued by the manufacture, email me on the special on BCY-X in most colours, till there gone forever.


Special pricing on colours of BCY-X in Dark Brown, Tan, OD Green, Green, Buck Skin, Fluro Yellow, Electric Red, Black Cheery, Pink, Light Pink, Royal Blue, Electric Blue, Fluro Purple, Yellow and Gold.



 BCY B50

B50 is the main material used for older Recurve's, Long Bows and Early compounds with metal cables with teardrop connections, i.e. Teardrop strings.


( 100% polyester similar to Dacron )



 Fast Flight +

FF+ is another older material that is used with modern Recurves that produces significantly higher speeds, but your Recurve or Longbow must have reinforced tips to use this material.


( PolyEthelyne (HMPE )



Note: with Cam Serving light colours of 0.14" Halo (Fluro Green, Fluro Orange, Fluro Yellow, Electric Blue, all suffer the most) when serving over darker colors the darker colour will show through, because of the high pressure I serv at its imposable to stop, in all cases the serving will darken and change colour and in some cases have a muddy look or change of colour.


I recommend either a darker serving colour or clear serving to combat this cosmetic issue.

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