BCY 452X


452X has been around a long time, every other material than has come or gone is compared to 452X, and in most cases 452X is still comes out on top, it is superior in its stability ( because of the 33% Vectran ) but allot more stable in the Aussie summer. 452X is quite also and its ware rate (fuzzing) is very good also.


(67% SK75 Dyneema, 33% Vectran)



BCY 8125

100% SK75 Dyneema® fiber. Highest speed and higher durability; preferred by some compound shooters - particularly 3D. Also the choice of Olympic style Recurve shooters worldwide, used with modern Recurves and Long Bows with Reinforced Tips only.


 BCY B50

B50 is the main material used for older Recurve's, Long Bows and Early compounds with metal cables with teardrop connections, i.e. Teardrop strings.


( 100% polyester similar to Dacron )




Note: with Cam Serving light colours of 0.14" Halo (Fluro Green, Fluro Orange, Fluro Yellow, Electric Blue, all suffer the most) when serving over darker colors the darker colour will show through, because of the high pressure I serv at its imposable to stop, in all cases the serving will darken and change colour and in some cases have a muddy look or change of colour.


I recommend either a darker serving colour or clear serving to combat this cosmetic issue.

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