Pricing for Single or two coloured full string sets made form  452X.

Email us on the special running on all remaining stock of BCY-X and Fury in remaining colours!


Standard single cam full string and cable sets are $110 (idler served, without speed nocks).


Mathews single cam full sets are $120 (idler served without speed nocks)


Mathews Dual cam and Prime bows full sets ( 5 piece sets ) are $120 (without speed nocks)


Hoyt 2018-19 RX line (4 piece sets ) are $120 (without speed nocks)


Martin Symmetry cam bows sets ( 7 piece sets ) are $140 (without speed nocks).


Normal dual cam, binary cam and cam&half bows full sets are $110 (without speed nocks).


Main sting only to suit Dual cam, Binary, Cam&Half type bows are $70 (without speed nocks)


Main string only for standard single cam type bows are $90 (without speed nocks)


Main string only for Mathews single cam bows are $105 (without speed nocks)


Buss or control cables only are $25ea.


Pinstripe sets are $20 extra per full set.


3 or 4 coloured sets are $20 extra per full set.


All sets come a 6" piece of Premium D-Loop and a set of Cat whiskers string silencers!



Recurve or Longbows string made with BCY 'X'  (18-20 Strands) are $60ea.
(you must have reinforced tips to use this material!)


Fast Flight+ full sets for old compounds are $75.

Fast Flight+ main sting only for recurve and compound bows are $40ea.

Fast Fligh + buss or control cable only are $17ea.


B50 Standard Strings to suit older Recurve, Longbow, and Teardrop strings are $25ea.


Speed Nocks cost an extra $5 to $10 extra per main string in the set (can be supplied lose where the user wants to place them and if i don't have a spec sheet with there exact placement.


(max of 24 for $5, max 48 for $10).


Heat shrink to cover speed nocks available in the following colours, Black, Red, Yellow, Green, light Blue, Brown, Purple and Grey.


B55 X-Bow strings up to 30 stands are $35ea.


15ml Halo string claifier (keeps clear serving clear over the life of the strings) $4 per bottle. for white halo, 3d, 2x serving.


Postage is $9.75 for regular post and $13 express within Australia.


 For international orders please contact me for a shipping estimate.


Bow tuning, string fitting, tuning start at minimum charge of $25.


Overdrive Binary string fitting and tunning start at $50 per hour.


Customer pays for postage both ways for bow tunning and return postage.


Normal string turn around time is 2-3 days after payment is received, but this can vary with workload and time of year, please email me and i will give an exact time frame.


Payment method is PayPal only.



Note: all Killer Bow Strings come tied together at the correct lengths as specified by the manufacture and measured at the industry's AMO standard which is measured around 1/4" diametre posts at 100lb of tension, it important that the main sting in every set is carefully installed last and installed without it becoming untwisted.

If your installing your own strings and are unsure on the correct methods, please email me and i can help with the best methods and steps on how to do this.


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