Cat Whiskers 2 x 4" (100mm) Stripes $5, are still the bets long lasting string silencer available today, they are great value for money and help greatly to reduce noise and vibration on any bow.

Available in Black, Fluro Orange, Yellow, Fluro Green, OD Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Tan, Blue or Dark Brown, or mix any combination of colours you like!

limbsaver Everlast string leeches (4pkt) Black for $12

Saunder Nok Sets -

Large (Red), Med (Black)
5 pack $2..50

Brownell Premium D-Loop material in Black (0.083" dia) or Camo (.0.78" dia) 6" (150mm) piece for $2

BowTech Kisser Buttons to reduce nock pinch, 4 pack $1

Bohning Tex-Tite Wax $8

Fletcher Tru-Peep $8ea.

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Pine Ridge Nitro XL Buttons, 2 pack $13

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